Art’s Unsung Heroes: Set Decoration with Kris Boxell

Based in San Fransisco, Kris Boxell has worked in the art department for more than 30 years and is most well known for her work in Blue Jasmine (dir. Woody Allen) and The Matrix Reloaded (dir. Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski). In this episode, producer Laela Jones asks about Boxell’s career and where she gets inspiration for her projects, as well as her work on specfic examples such as the highway chase scene in The Matrix Reloaded and the giant baseball glove in Oracle Park, home of the SF Giants.

Including scenes and music from:

Bull Durham dir. Ron Shelton

The Matrix Reloaded dir. Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski

Tucker: The Man and His Dream dir. Francis Ford Coppola

The music in this episode:

Everything You Need Is By Your Side by Vlad Gluschenko |

TRU Talk with CK: Behind the TRUth of Being a Woman in College

On college campuses, it is very popular for young women to carry pepper spray in their bags…why is that a trend? Maybe because there are countless stories in the media of women being harassed.

“It’s scary that we have to constantly check each other’s locations to make sure us girls get home safe!”

On this episode, TRU Talk with CK, producer Carly Kline highlights a story from Rachel Brown, a twenty-year-old student at Virginia Tech, who speaks out about the predatory man or men who have been lurking around, breaking and entering girl’s apartments to watch them sleep or shower, steal their underwear, and take pictures. Even though Rachel wasn’t a specific victim of this assault, she was scared to leave her own house without pepper spray, a taser, and a knife in her purse or by her side at night. No suspect has been found to this day.

Take a second after listening to think about what you could do daily to keep yourself and ones you love safe. Speak out about what it’s like to be a woman in a world full of harassers and who always has to be prepared.

This episode is a conversation, one that needs to be talked about more. Thank you for listening. #weareinthistogether

The Mend: It’s Like The Worst Dream Ever

The Mend is about people who have gotten themselves into tough situations and haven’t quite recovered yet.

“It’s freezing in there…and you have a toilet paper roll for your pillow.”

Producer Quin Bright talks with Joaquin, a college student who recounts his experience with drug addiction. He recalls why he started selling drugs, the day he got arrested, and how he’s dealing with all of it now.

Little Things: What the Eye Can’t See

An immersive audio experience on the importance and rarity of true silence.

On a daily basis, we fill our heads with sounds. We wake up listening to music, drive to work listening to the radio. And while sound is the most amazing way to keep ourselves entertained and informed, it’s easy to forget the importance of silence and quiet contemplation. Join us in this episode, and perhaps those moments of quietude might grow to mean something different to you. 

Producer Matthew Lai talks with NYU film student and philosopher Dayle Chen about appreciating silence in the big city. 


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