TRUtalk with CK: My Love

Falling in love through waves of emotion.

Producer Carly Kline writes:

Everyone falls in love at weird times. I have never heard a love story that was “planned”, it’s always destined to happen unexpectedly. That’s love I guess…it flows in and out like the ocean, you fall just like the rain…and sometimes it burns so much like fire that it hurts. 

In this week’s episode of TRUtalk with CK, we highlight a story told from the perspective of my girlfriend, Rachael Mast. She retells our coming of age love story that happened at the weirdest time in an unexpected environment…golf camp! The story is also told through sounds of water, fire, and a school bus! Growing up in the south, our relationship wasn’t out in the public eye, it was just us in it together. As young adults, we have learned that we want to be together forever. NO ONE can stop us…not even judgment. 

Listen to this episode with open ears and know that our love story is just a snippet into a long battle of overcoming being in the closet. Everyone’s love story matters and is beautiful. #lovewins

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