How To Be A Billionaire In 5 Easy Steps: What is hustle culture?

Producer Chris Josiah talks to social media expert Austin Braun, who gives us the rundown of what hustle culture is – and why he thinks it’s so harmful. Chris says: 

On social media, I see hustle culture just about everywhere. It has grown substantially over the past decade, especially when these creators realized they could use this culture to turn a profit. Oftentimes, this culture demands a toxic lifestyle – one where you put aside the things that make you happy and focus entirely on work.

I sat down with Austin Braun, a social media expert and digital media strategist, to get a better understanding of this culture. Is it helpful or harmful? How are people profiting off of this? Does this lead to burnout? All that and more on the introductory episode of How To Be A Billionaire In 5 Easy Steps!

You can follow Austin Braun on Twitter @AustinOnSocial and you can follow Chris, the host, on Twitter @chrisdjosiah.

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