Huztle: Anna Zhang – Youth Advocate, Photographer, Creative Director

Producer Rachel Ombok’s guest is Anna Zhang, a young creative, public speaker, student, photographer, and Forbes 30 Under 30 2021 nominee. Anna has worked with brands such as Uniqlo, Fujifilm, Walgreens, and creates editorial content for her nonprofit magazine, Pulse Spikes, which has garnered over 200,000 readers all over the world. She is incredibly passionate about making youth-centered and driven content and creating a positive impact with her work.

Anna speaks with Rachel about how she stays motivated and focused, and how she connects all the things she learns from her projects, professionally and personally. She discusses all her current and past endeavors including Pulse Spikes, working her on-campus job, and her last summer internship, as well as her views on what she will be doing in the future.

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