Finding Your Way: Uncertainty to Doctorate Degree

On this episode of Finding Your Way, the podcast for anyone who is uncertain about what to do with their life, Dr. Susie Lunardi talks about graduating from college in a major unrelated to what she ended up doing. After moving back home post-graduation, she struggled to find a job. She turned her hobby of working out into a career, going back to school and graduating from NYU in 2021 as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Listen to how she accomplished it and her advice for current undergraduates in similar situations. 

This podcast was produced by Katie Lunardi at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Find our host, Katie Lunardi on Instagram at @sockselaine. This week’s guest, Susie Lunardi can be found on instagram at @dr.susielunardi. Send any email inquiries for Katie to

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