The Insula Podcast: A Tapestry of My Thoughts

Mella LaFrance’s new short film, Insula, is a personal journey crafted by the thoughts and experiences of the director’s past. 

Largely inspired by the director’s time in NYC during curfew, she says of the film: “Finding myself running back to my apartment by an assigned time, for my own physical safety, I asked myself: what is home? How does my body and consequently my Blackness move through the spaces I occupy? How does my body interact with the world, more so, how does the world interact with me? Insula is a cine-poem that weaves the historical, spiritual, and ancestral tapestry of my mind to visualize my own truth.” She adds, “It is a story of a Black girl who finds her home.”

As the story of Insula is one of inward reflection, I asked the writer and director Mella to share where she drew inspiration as well as her artistic process in creating this project.

This podcast was produced by Parker Kenyon.

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